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Providing a First Rate Modern Living Experience For All Our Residents

Resident Services

When you rent one of our Cherry Creek apartments, it’s our job to make sure your stay with us is as comfortable as possible. That’s why we offer a complete line of online services. As a resident of Ranch at Bear Creek community, you’ll get to pay your rent online. You won’t have to worry about urgent reminders or last-minute check deliveries. Just fill out your payment information and take care of your rent with the click of a button.

You can also learn more about renter’s insurance, request maintenance or a service call in your apartment, or leave feedback. Everything gets a little bit easier when you rent one of our Lakewood apartments. If you run into any questions or problems with paying your rent online, feel free to give us a call or send us a message using our online contact form. Discover the convenience of living at Ranch at Bear Creek.

Resident Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

As Aristotle wrote, “Excellence is not an act but a habit”.  At Echelon, we strive every day to provide our residents with a high-quality living environment. We work hard to ensure your apartment home, grounds and amenities are well maintained and in good condition. Our aim is to make your life more convenient and comfortable.


To demonstrate our commitment to resident satisfaction, every Echelon community offers AT EASE WITH ECHELON benefits, which include:




Pay Rent

We've set up a quick and easy way for you to pay your rent online so you can focus on the more important and fun things in life. Register now with our Resident Network and pay rent with a simple click of the mouse.

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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance: Why Every Resident Needs It

If disaster strikes, you want to ensure your valuables are protected and your personal liability is insured. For that reason, all residents of our market-rate communities are required to have renters insurance with a $100,000 minimum liability policy. If the contents of your apartment are damaged, renters insurance will help recover the cost of your loss.


You may purchase renters insurance from any insurance company you choose.  For your benefit and convenience, Echelon Property Group has partnered with ePremium, a national provider of renters insurance. To take advantage of special rates on renters insurance follow the enrollment instructions below:


• Visit and enter the zip code of your apartment community


• Select your community from the list, select the effective date and coverage amounts to receive your quote


• Review the policy and pricing and follow the easy prompts to bind coverage


• Monthly or Annual Payment Plans are offered


• Pay by credit card or echeck


• To purchase by phone, call ePremium Customer Service Center toll-free at 1.800.319.1390 (Monday – Friday from 6 am to 6 pm MST and Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm MST).


Before you move in, you will need to provide proof of renters insurance, including liability. Please note if proof of insurance isn't provided to the community staff or your insurance policy lapses during your lease, you will be enrolled on a Forced Placed Renter's Insurance Policy through ePremium and will be charge the appropriate fees in accordance with your lease agreement.

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General FAQs
  • Does the monthly rent include any utilities? If not, what utilities would I need to pay? + -

    Your monthly rent is separate from utilities. To find out which utilities are billed, please click on the Contact link and send a request. A knowledgeable leasing associate will get back in touch with you right away.


  • Does your community offer a tax credit or section 8? + -

    To inquire about specific tax credit programs, please click on the Contact link and either call or send a request. One of our leasing consultants will be happy to go over the programs offered at the community.


  • Do your apartments come with washers and dryers? + -

    All of our community’s features and amenities are listed on the Features link.


  • How do I apply online? + -

    When you have selected your desired apartment from the Floor plans & Pricing link, select the Apply Now icon at the bottom of the page. Create an account, and then fill in your personal information to apply online. The information you provide is secure and protected. One of our qualified team members will be in contact with you to process your application and set up the perfect home for your particular needs.



  • How do I make a maintenance request? + -

    We recommend that maintenance requests get submitted online. Simply select the Resident Access link. Under the Service Request section fill in the appropriate fields and submit the form by selecting “Submit request” at the bottom of the screen. Once submitted online, our maintenance team and leasing office will receive an email. You may also call our leasing office and speak to one of our leasing consultants about your maintenance request. If you have a maintenance emergency such as a water leak or gas leak please call our office immediately. If after hours, you will be directed through a series of prompts to get in touch with our maintenance team. For fire, police or medical emergencies call 911.


  • How do I set up an appointment to visit your community? + -

    It is easy to set up an appointment. Click the Contact link and you can request an appointment or ask us any other questions. Just fill out the quick form and our staff will get back in touch with you right away. On this page you will also find our phone number and email address. We always have someone to answer questions and set up appointments to view our amazing homes.


  • What amenities does your community have? + -

    All of our community’s features and amenities are listed on the Features link.


  • What Apartments are Available? + -

    Under the Floor plans & Pricing link, you will find all available apartments at the community. Apartments listed are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Availability and pricing is updated daily. You can browse availability and view floor plans at your leisure. If you are interested in a particular apartment that is unavailable, simply select “Availability Alert” to sign up for an email alert. This will prompt an email to be sent when an apartment matching your criteria is available.


  • What are some of the local hotspots or entertainment near your community? + -

    You can browse the local entertainment, activities, restaurants, shopping, and schools on the Location link. We have highlighted just a few of the great things in the area that make this a great place to call Home.


  • What deposits are required? + -

    You can locate deposit information at the Floorplans & Pricing link. Specific deposits can vary depending on the size of the apartment home.


  • What is your community's pet policy? + -

    All of our community’s features and amenities are listed on the Features link. You will also find information regarding our pet policy and restrictions on this link.



  • Where can I get an application? + -

    Clicking on the Apply Now link will direct you to a page that you can print off a pdf version of the application. Once complete, please fax, email, or bring by the property for review.


Career Questions
Lease / Contract Questions
  • Can I add a roommate to my lease? + -

    Paragraph 29: Assigning, Subletting, and Change of Residents. You are able to add a roommate with the written approval of your leasing office. Your new roommate will need to fill out an application and be approved. Other restrictions may apply, so be sure to inquire with your leasing office.


  • Can I break my lease and what would be the fee? + -

    Paragraph 10: Lease Break Fee. We understand that there are times that it is necessary to break a lease agreement. In addition to the lease break fee listed under paragraph 10, you will also be charged any concessions received during the current lease term if a lease is terminated early. Please refer to the Concession Addendum for those amounts.


  • Can I transfer to another building or unit? + -

    You do have options to transfer mid-lease. Please contact the leasing office for additional details.


  • Do I need renter's insurance? + -

    Most Echelon properties require $100,000 liability coverage. Refer to the Insurance Addendum if your property requires insurance. You can contact Assurant for low pricing and fast service.


  • How do I refer a friend? + -

    We have a short form that needs to be completed and turned into our office when your friend applies. Once they actually move into their new apartment, you will receive a rent credit for the following month.


  • How do I renew my lease? + -

    One of our qualified team members is ready to assist you. Simply contact the office to review your options and a renewal lease can be ready for you to sign at your earliest convenience.


  • How many days notice do I need to give? + -

    Paragraph 11: Required Notice to Vacate. Echelon requires a 60 day written notice.


  • How much is rent and when is it due? + -

    Refer to paragraph 6: Rent & the Concession Addendum for your exact total. Rent is due on the 1st of the month.


  • What are certified funds? + -

    Certified funds are Cashier's Checks.


  • What are my options for paying rent? + -

    There are a variety of payment options we accept. Checks, cashier’s checks, eCheck, and select credit cards. Cash is not accepted.


  • When does my lease expire? + -

    Refer to paragraph 3: Description and Lease term for specific lease expiration dates and length of lease contract.


  • When is rent considered late and what are the late fees? + -

    Paragraph 9: Late, Returned Check, Eviction and other Fees and Charges. A grace period is given until the 3rd. After the 3rd, any funds received are considered late. The late fee is $75 on the 4th and $10/day until paid in full. Partial payments still incur late fees until paid in full.


  • When will I receive my security deposit? + -

    Paragraph 14: Security Deposit. Your security deposit, less damages, rent, or other sums due, will be sent to the forwarding address provided on the Notice to Vacate form within 60 days after we receive keys.